Tuesday, July 09, 2013

All the SMAll things

When was a kid I loved all things mini! Not the car but small things. Actually who am I trying to kid I still love anything mini now :0)
I was only in Tesco the other day when I found this little cutie :0)
 Mini Chilli Tomato Ketchup

So I have been meaning to share a post for a loooooong time about mini stuff. Small, light things are easier for someone with SMA to handle, things that Max & Millie are just too heavy handed for or have tiny pieces to lose, are ideal gifts for me.
So here are some of my favorites:
Mini food - mostly from M&S

As a kid I loved all the travel games, sometimes magnetic, but mostly small and fiddly. Travel; connect 4, monopoly, battleships... see here. More recently you can get tiny keyrings with Hungry Hippos & Frustration see here :O)
I also love the table top games like; pool, table football and air hockey.
I am easy to buy for at Christmas - just go for the mini ...
Some of my xmas gifts on the left - yes they are mini clementines!  A mini Henry - a gift for a fellow SMAer

I am going to finish with my two most favourite SMAll toys from my childhood.
1) Mini China Tea Set
I went to visit a relative who had grown up kids BORING!!! How wrong could I be? I don't remember her name but I can still remember the mini china tea set that we had tea, yes real tea from :O)
2) Mini Lego
A fellow SMAer gave me some of her mini lego (you can no longer get hold of it - I have tried googling) when I visited once.  I have unfortunately got no idea where it went when I grew up and left home. It's building bricks for architects but it never really took off! Luckily Dan kept hold of his so I could take a piccy :O)

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